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Fastest to install PVC Electrical pipe system Hacks, even Big Developers Swear By
January 07, 2022

These days, especially given the pandemic, people are always on the look out for ways to cut costs. Even the big developers are no exemption, and here are some of the proven cost-effective ways to save at least 25% on electrical systems without compromising quality!

  1. Replace GI boxes with PVC Electrical Boxes. You read it right. A lot of builders today generally spend about 40pesos per galvanized iron (GI) box for their electrical systems. But did you know that since 2016, SM and Ayala projects have already switched to using NELTEX PVC electrical boxes instead? Since then, these major developers have been cutting their costs on these by at least 50%. Check out the video below to see how NELTEX PVC electrical boxes proved to be a cost-effective alternative to GI.