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Chemical Welding: The Secret to Kabit na Walang Sabit PVC pipes and fitting Connections
June 02, 2021

Ask any pipe installer, site engineer, or procurement officer what PVC pipe cement brand they use, and you’ll get a unanimous answer –NELTEX PVC pipe cement! Just as Neltex has been around for over 60 years, this gold and white tin can of PVC pipe cement has been the literal gold standard for PVC jointing for over 6 decades. Why, you ask?

Chemical Welding Advantage.  The most common response people will give you when asked why they prefer NELTEX PVC pipe cement is that it simply has the best jointing quality and excellent curing time compared to any other available in the market. The reason behind is that NELTEX pipe cement is a chemical bonding solution, not glue. Instead of gluing together to ends of the materials, a chemical bonding agent like NELTEX PVC pipe cement works by dissolve together the two faces of each liner surface to be joined (in a controlled fashion) to produce more permanent bonds that are guaranteed to last as long as the liner material.

Toluene Free Formulation. Aside from superior bonding quality, NELTEX PVC cement are also made toluene-free to ensure safe use.

Best Leak-free Connections. Of course, NELTEX PVC pipe cement are best used to joint NELTEX PVC pipes and fittings that follow local and global standards for pipe size and thickness and quality. As a chemical welding agent, NELTEX PVC pipe cement may be too strong when dissolving inner lining of thinner or lesser quality pipes and fittings in the market, and as such may cause such pipes or fittings to fail.

Save yourself the trouble and simply go #NELTEX-ALL! Homogenous NELTEX pipe connections don’t only look best, they are also tested and proven to perform best. You may also want to learn more about NELTEX PVC and PPR pipes and fittings. Simply click on the options below:



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