Project Sales Officer is responsible in getting sales from top developers and contractors with specified account listing. H/She is also tasked to convert into sales the specifications done by Business Development Officers. The target is to convert usage to Neltex Brands. Account coverage will focus on Top 10 Developers, Top 10 Plumbing Contractors, and Top 10 Electrical & Finishing Contractors. The total priority account coverage is top 30 accounts although he/she is also required to cover 50 listed accounts.

He/she must also ensure to deliver an excellent customer service to all projects being serve and handle concerns encountered at the job site and other related concern as maybe required.


  • Graduate of any B. S. Engineering course, Management and Marketing
  • At least three (3) to five (5) years selling experience in Construction Industry .With previous handling of developers & contractors; must have portfolio of known key accounts and contact persons.
  •  With portfolio of known key accounts & contact persons

We offer competitive salary and the following benefits:

  • Bonuses
  • Rice Subsidy
  • Leaves
  • HMO
  • Company Loan
  • Insuraces




The Regional Sales Manager shall be responsible in the overall management of his team towards maximum achievement of sales target. He/she is also responsible in implementing sales strategies including trade sales promotional programs, in monitoring call frequency and coverage to increase the number of buying accounts, in identifying new markets to improve product sell-out from trade channel and in supporting new product sell-out. Assists and supports the Vice-President for Sales towards the achievement of the departmental and corporate medium to long term goals and objectives.


• Drives sales team towards 100% achievement of sales objectives of assigned territories by promoting products, implementing professional sales techniques and building long-term business relationship

• Responsible in planning, leading, organizing and controlling sales staff in the most effective way of hitting sales and profitability targets. Organizes entire Territorial assignment ensuring equal distribution of workload and maximum sales generation per Sales Person/Territory.

• Develops sales forecasts and analysis. Keeps abreast with market trends and identify new and potential product lines. • Reviews sales action plans of District Sales Supervisor resulting from previous month's experience.

• Enforces product mix selling of both Neltex Brands. Traded products and new product introduction

• Actively participates in all business development activities in line with the organization's corporate business plan.

• Maintains the highest standards of customer service in the market by developing customer-oriented strategies and by coordinating with support groups to address any concern. Immediately responds to customer needs and complaints.

• Works closely with Marketing in the management of stock levels.

• Leads subordinates in implementation of Trade Sales Promotional Programs to ensure maximum sales generation and market leadership.

• Ensures achievement of collection targets in compliance with credit and collection policies.

• Identifies significant credit and collection areas that require corrective action to align with the Company's credit risk philosophy.

• Provides pertinent information on credit risks and works with the Credit and collection Department in determining necessary action to address the risks.

• Implements correct pricing scheme and approves sales orders based on set authority limits to ensure compliance to price per account and dealer category.

• Maintains budget expense to sales ratio of one's territory.


• Graduate of any B. S. Engineering course, Management and Marketing, preferably with MBA degree

• Five (5) years SOLID managerial experience in marketing/brand or sales environment

• Must have proven track record in sales and in managing a particular district/region handling similar sales team set-up




The PPIC Manager is responsible in inventory planning, materials handling and preparation of production schedule in accordance with sales forecast or market demand. Monitors availability of raw materials in coordination with purchasing department. He/she is also responsible for the proper warehousing and inventory control of raw materials, finished goods, traded products, factory supplies and spare parts. Ensures the maximum utilization of warehouse facilities. He/she also coordinates with the purchasing, manufacturing and traffic departments to ensure proper receiving, transfer and dispatch of raw materials and finished goods. He/she coordinates with marketing department on sales forecast trending and planning for the next three (3) months rolling.



1. Plans production schedules and controls manufacturing activities through capacity planning, shop order releases, dispatch and shop scheduling and in-process expediting functions.

2. Conducts analysis of the production plan, finished goods and raw materials inventory level and sales forecast based on the MRP results.

3. Develops and implements master production schedule to establish sequence and lead time of plant operations to meet delivery dates based on sales forecasts or customer orders specifying production quantities and specifications.

4. Determines, monitors and makes adjustments to the limits of capacity for work in the manufacturing and logistics departments.

5. Analyzes production specifications and plant capacity data. Performs mathematical computations to determine reliability of manufacturing processes and tools and adequacy of manning requirements.

6. Coordinates with manufacturing to expedite operations. Confers with Marketing Department before altering production schedules to meet unforeseen conditions.

7. Monitors incoming shipment and delivery of raw materials. Responsible for the initial receipt and timely reporting of materials received. This includes responsibility for inspection, identification and delivery to stocking locations.

8. Oversees for the physical movement of materials from the manufacturing facility. This includes responsibility for transferring of raw materials and finished goods within the company.

9. Manages the physical custody and accuracy of inventory records for raw materials, component items, and finished goods within the plant.

10. Ensures the integrity and completeness of all manufacturing and logistics records and manuals.


1. Establishes performance goals for his direct reports and leads towards the achievement of corporate and division’s agreed key results areas. Monitors performance in a regular and continuous basis.

2. Develops supervisors and upgrades their knowledge, skills and attitudes through on-the-job coaching and counseling, training and other interventions. Inspires self-confidence of direct reports and promotes teamwork towards attainment of positive results.

3. Ensures discipline and compliance of executives and managers to company rules and regulations. Retains those who are worth-keeping, with potentials and good performer. Recommends employees for dismissal.

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