Cliché as it might sound, when it comes to hot and cold water piping installation system, not all PPR pipes are created equal. NELTEX PPR is a water service system that was developed in collaboration with industry professionals to meet the needs of designers, developers, installers, and end users; they’re tested against the highest international standards for your peace of mind.

Tested against the Highest Industry Standards

To ensure that each of the PPR products we distribute will meet the needs of our clients, Neltex PPR products undergo Total Quality Assessment in accordance with the ISO 15874. And rather than settling for the minimum test requirements, we make use of one of the most extensive QA facility in Southeast Asia to ensure the highest quality of Neltex PPR by testing it against the highest standards:



Resistance to Internal Pressure:

No Failure during the following Test Period:



1 hour

16 MPa



55 hours

4.3 MPa



165 hours

3.8 MPa


Thermal Stability by  Hydrostatic Pressure Testing:

No Bursting during the Test Period:



8760 hours

1.9 MPa


Longitudinal Reversion: 

No Bursting during the Test Period:


Wall Thickness 8mm

2% Maximum after 1 hour at 135C


Wall Thickness 8mm, 16mm

2% maximum after 2 hours at 135C


Impact Resistance: 

10% breakage rate of tested samples


Melt Flow Rate: 

30% maximum difference compared with compound at 230c, 2.16kg


Hot Bath Test: 



1000 hours

psi 217


Cold Bath Test:



1 hour

psi 977


Neltex PPR products use an industrial condenser and an industrial heater to maintain cold water at 20 degree Celsius and hot water at 95 degree Celsius, respectively. This allows our digital hydrostatic pressure tester to perform an accelerated aging test to determine if the Neltex PPR will last for 50 years.

Tested and Certified by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST)

To further ensure confidence in the products we distribute, Neltex PPR pipes and fittings are also duly tested and certified by the premiere science and technology body in the country—the Department of Science and Technology (DOST). This reputable institution guarantees that Neltex PPR products have indeed meet global standards set by the International Organization for Standardization.

For your Peace of Mind

Neltex PPR are also certified heavy-metal free (free from Lead, Mercury and Cadmium), making it the safest for you and for the environment.

In addition, our total quality assessment also ensures that piping installations using Neltex PPR will be absolutely leak-free to keep you from worrying about leakage.

Choose from the wide array our PPR pipes and fittings knowing full well that each product is specifically “tested for your peace of mind”.