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Redefining Soil Stack System in PH
December 17, 2014

Most of the structures built in the 60’s were designed to stand for 30 years or so. Currently those were retro-fitted in order to maintain the structure. Part of the structural materials that are being replaced now is the Soil Stack System; the said system uses a pipe made of cast iron or ductile iron.

At that time, the reason why it is preferred material to use for Soil Stack is because of its greater impact resistance characteristics. But most common failure with this system is the corrosion that leads to leakage or clogging and normally it occurs after 15 years.

One perfect solution is to use a PVC pipe for the Soil Stack System; PVC Pipe is non-corrosive as this addresses the deterioration of the pipe caused by chemical reaction of water to iron. Because of this PVC pipe guarantees to last for more than 50 years. However, it is also important to choose a PVC pipe that has high impact pipe characteristics like the NELTEX SEWERGUARD Pipe. This pipe is made of 90% resin, 5% stabilizer and 5% Impact Modifier. This NELTEX SEWERGUARD PIPE becomes high impact. 

In addition to that, NELTEX SEWERGUARD Pipe has better jointing system because of its Sewerlock Seal. The gasket is Machine installed made of EDPM rubber homogenously bound to a stiff glass reinforced PP ring. This will ensure that connections will not be the source of leakage.

Moreover, jointing a NELTEX SEWERGUARD with Sewerlock pipe is very easy unlike the conventional materials that are being used for Soil Stack System which require using a metal clamp or bolting to connect a pipe and some pipes uses a machine to butt fuse the pipes which makes the installation complex.

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